Joy's Unidentified Herb List -- Version 1.0

For the purpose of this website, an "herb" is ANY plant that is not a woody plant (i.e. a tree or bush), for which its flower has not been seen or photographed.  This is usually just a green plant, but other colors are possible.

Note: These pages are under construction and contain only stubs.

These plants are grouped by the plant's main leaf arrangement ?

Basal example Basal Leaves clustered only at the base, next to the ground.
Whorled example Whorled Multiple leaves, at least 3, usually arranged more or less evenly around a stem, clustered above ground level.   Whorls just at ground level are called "Basal".
Opposite example Opposite Leaves arranged usually in pairs on opposite sides of the stem, although the last leaf may be a single leaf at the end of the stem.   (When there are more than 2 leaves attached at the same point on the stem, this is referred to as a Whorl.)
Alternate example Alternate Single leaves arranged so they alternate from one side of the stem to the other side.   For purposes of classification, a plant that exhibits leaves both alternately and occasionally oppositely on the same stem should be treated as an alternate.

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