Plant Identification Reference Books Used

Books Used to Identify the Flowers, Trees, and Plants on This Website

National Audubon Society: Field Guide to North American Wildflowers (Eastern Region),
by William A. Niering et al, 1975-1995,
Chanticleer Press, Inc.

Peterson Field Guides: Wildflowers (Northeastern/Northcentral North America),
by Roger Tory Peterson/Margret McKenny, 1968,
Houghton Mifflin Company.

National Audubon Society: Field Guide to North American Trees (Eastern Region),
by Elbert L. Little, 1980-1995,
Chanticleer Press, Inc.

Simon & Schuster's: Guide to Plants and Flowers,
by Francesco Bianchini and Azzurra Carrasa Pantano, 1975,
Simon & Schuster Inc.

Newcomb's: Wildflower Guide,
by Lawrence Newcomb, 1977,
Little, Brown & Company

Spring Wildflowers of New England,
by Marilyn Dwelley, 1973,
Down East Enterprise, Inc.

Summer & Fall Wildflowers of New England,
by Marilyn J. Dwelley, 1973-2004,
Down East Enterprise, Inc.


Wildflowers in the Field and Forest (a Field Guide to the Northeastern United States),
by Steven Clemants and Carol Gracie, 2006,
Oxford University Press, Inc.

Weeds of the West,
by Tom D. Whitson et al, 1996
University of Wyoming.

Northland Wild Flowers (a Guide for the Minnesota Region),
by John B. Moyle and Evelyn W. Moyle, 1977-1990,
University of Minnesota Press

Wildflowers Grasses & Other Plants of the Northern Plains and Black Hills,
by Theodore Van Bruggen, 1971-1992,
Fenske Printing, Inc.

Tallgrass Prairie Wildflowers,
by Doug Ladd et al, 1995,
Falcon Press Publishing Co., Inc.

Wildflowers and Ferns of Indiana Forests (a Field Guide),
by Michael A. Homoya, 2012,
Indiana University Press.

Alpine Wildflowers (Showy Wildflowers of the Alpine and Subalpine Areas of the Northern Rocky Mountain States),
by Dee Strickler, 1990-1993,
The Flower Press.

Forest Wildflowers (Showy Wildflowers of the Woods, Mountains and Forests of the Northern Rocky Mountain States),
by Dee Strickler, 1988-1993,
The Flower Press.

Prairie Wildflowers (Showy Wildflowers of the Plains, Valleys, and Foothills in the Northern Rocky Mountain States),
by Dee Strickler, 1986-1989,
The Flower Press.

The Tree Key,
by Herbert L. Edlin, 1978,
Charles Scribner's Sons

Eyewitness Handbooks: Trees,
by Allen J. Coombes, 1992,
DK Publishing, Inc.

Wildflowers of Wisconsin Field Guide,
by Stan Tekiela, 2000,
Adventure Publications, Inc.

The Shrub Identification Book,
by George W. D. Symonds, 1963,
William Morrow & Company.

Field Guide to Indiana Wildflowers,
by Kay Yatskievych, 2000,
Indiana University Press.

Forest Plants of the Southeast and Their Wildlife Uses,
by James H. Miller & Karl V. Miller, 1999-2005,
University of Georgia Press.

Trees of Belize,
by Kate Harris, 2013,
Bay Cedar Publishing.

A Rainbow of Colours -- a Guide to the Flowers of Belize,
by Irene Keesmaat, 2011,
Cubola Productions.

Messages from the Gods -- a Guide to the Useful Plants of Belize,
by Michael J. Balick, Rosita Arvigo, 2015,
Oxford University Press.

Tropical Flowering Plants -- a Guide to Identification and Cultivation,
by Kirsten Albrecht Llamas, 2003,
Timber Press.

Tropical Plants of Costa Rica -- a Guide to Native and Exotic Flora,
by Willow Zuchowski, 2005-2007,
Cornell University Press.

Belize Botanic Gardens -- Self-guided Tour,
by Ken and Judy duPlooy, 2012,

Identification of Tropical Woody Plants in the Absence of Flowers -- a Field Guide (2nd Edition),
by Roland Keller, 2004,
Springer Basel AG.

Heliconia -- an Identification Guide,
by Fred Berry and W. John Kress, 1991,
Smithsonian Institution Press.

Tropical Trees of Florida and the Virgin Islands,
by T. Kent Kirk, 2009,
Pineapple Press,Inc.

The Kew Tropical Plant Families Identification Handbook -- Second Edition,
by Timothy Utteridge & Gemma Bramley, 2015,
Kew Publishing.

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